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Learn Anything

There is an online course for everything. Whether you want to prepare for exams, develop as a professional, discover a new hobby or learn a new language.

Learn Together

Join students from all around the world and learn together. Stay connected via groups, forums and private messages.

Learn with Experts

Meet educators from top universities and cultural institutions, who will share their experience through live online tuition classes, recorded videos, articles, quizzes and discussions.

Learn from Anywhere

Be stress free and learn from your home on any device. Courses look awesome on laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

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Live & Interactive Classes

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Learn from qualified teachers in one-to-one or group classes for personalised attention and continuous guidance. 

Benefits of learning with Valeem

Qualified Tutors

Learn from the best teachers via online tuition classes. Check tutor reviews, rating and request online demo before deciding to start your classes.

Social Profile

Create a social-media-like profile, connect with students and teachers to discuss social interests and learn together.

Live Classes

Select your tutor and discuss suitable class timings. Decide to learn individually for personalised attention or join a group class to study with friends.

Practice Exams and Certificates.

Prepare for final exams by taking mock exams, quizzes and completing assignments. Get certificate at the completion of your course.

Become an Instructor

Make a global impact by creating online courses and teaching students worldwide


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