10 Tips on How to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better

Do you spend hours and hours studying but end up forgetting everything you have memorized when you sit in the exams?

Do you find it quite difficult to learn anything faster? Or are you someone whose long term memory is weak?

If you are someone having the above stated issues, then here are tips for you to learn anything faster, deeper, and better.


Distributed practice learning

Distributed practice learning has proven to be one of the best learning strategies to retain information and learn faster. Allowing your brain to take breaks in between study sessions helps it to retain information. 


Teach someone

Teaching someone after you have learned something is a very effective trick to remember it. While delivering the same information to another person, it gets revised and stays in memory for a longer period of time.


Watch course related videos and podcasts

Watching videos and listening to podcasts related to your courses helps in a better understanding of the subject matter. This makes it easier to digest the information and then retain it. In addition to this, the learning becomes interesting as well.



Many students wrongly believe in studying for hours without having proper sleep. Scientific studies prove that students who take a proper night’s sleep are far more successful than the ones who compromise their sleep.


Learn using a different medium

Learning through the same technique and medium becomes monotonous. Try using flashcards,  diagrams, or learn by reciting your lectures aloud. These tricks help you learn faster, better, and deeper as well.


Staying hydrated 

In order to have a healthy and well functioning mind, you need to have a healthy body as well.  In order to perform well and learn stuff faster and deeper, you need to stay hydrated. Water makes up 80 percent of the brain so it is necessary for processing information.


Focus on one thing at a time

Avoid multitasking, it is necessary to focus on a single thing at a time. Since our brain can receive a single input at a time and process it. Therefore it is necessary that you solely focus on what needs to be learned.


Take notes

Taking notes during your lectures helps you stay focused and attentive in learning new concepts. Studies have proven that this note taking technique helps in better retention of your information.



Gamification involves game based elements such as scoring points, competitions, quizzes, etc. This method creates interest among students and drives them to learn faster.


Practice tests

Practice, practice, and practice. All you have to do after you have completed your study sessions is to attempt as many practice tests as possible. These practice tests will help you in identifying your areas of weakness and improvement. They will help you perform better. 


So the next time you start learning something or begin to prepare for exams, try to incorporate these tips into your learning styles. These will not only help you learn faster but better as well.


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