How to keep your child safe while on the internet

Since the last two decades, the use of the internet among youngsters has increased exponentially. While the internet is a great place for finding any sort of information, it also comes with several risks. Allowing children to use the internet exposes them to harmful inappropriate content and cyber bullies as well.

There are several ways you can keep your child safe while on the internet.


Communicate with them 

It is essential that you talk with your child openly about their internet activity. Ask them what they are reading or watching. Discussion is necessary. Let them know what is inappropriate or which activities may be harmful. In addition to this, it also guides them to behave and interact with others carefully on this platform.


Monitor their devices 

Always keep their computers and devices in an open area or place where you can easily monitor their activities. Keeping an eye on what your child is viewing online is essential.

Another way of keeping a check on them is to check their online history regularly. Restrict usage of devices in their rooms so that they cannot access any inappropriate content when alone.


Parental controls 

Parental controls are provided by web browsers and internet service providers for internet safety. These browsers block websites with inappropriate explicit content thus making it safe for your child.

There are various softwares available both free and charged. These can provide extra control.

Google Safety | Parental Supervision

Best Parental Control software

Keep a check on what information your child shares

The Internet is fascinating for all, especially the younger ones. When friends share their personal information publicly, children get attracted and follow the same. It is advised to the parents to keep a strong check on their child’s activities to avoid the risk of any harm in the future.


Follow mutual social networks

In order to track your child’s activities and ensure internet safety, you should also get acquainted with the social media networks and apps they use. For instance, making an account on Facebook and Instagram will help you know what they are posting and what potential dangers are present for them over there.


These days the use of the internet is essential for everyone. In order to stay updated and keep pace with the world, you have to use it. It is advised to all the parents to provide knowledge to their children about the harmful sides and let them enjoy and benefit from the internet at the same time.


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