Tracking Your Child’s Academic Progress at Valeem

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We at Valeem ensure to provide quality education. Our aim is 100 percent satisfaction of both the students and their parents. Valeem allows parents to track their child’s academic progress easily. Unlike physical tuition, the parents can easily monitor their children during their classes and have access to their gradebooks as well.

Here is how you can track your child’s academic progress on Valeem.


WhatsApp Group 

A WhatsApp Group is created for the student, tutor, and the parents immediately after their course and tutor are decided. Through this WhatsApp Group, the parents can easily monitor the academic progress of their child. They can stay in touch with the teacher and are updated about the assignments, quizzes, and tests as well.


Learning Management System (LMS)

All the online classes are conducted on LMS. The LMS has all the study resources uploaded by the tutor. All the assignments, quizzes, and tests are taken on LMS. Through LMS a parent can keep track of the child’s progress by viewing his/her gradebooks, submitted assignments, and attendance record.


Monthly PTM 

Monthly PTMs are arranged in the first week of every month. During these meetings, the academic progress of the child is discussed by the teacher. The areas the student is excelling in and the area he needs improvement in. Various strategies and concerns are shared by teachers and feedback is taken from the parents too.


Monthly feedback Call

A monthly feedback call is arranged in the week of every month by our management. The purpose of this call in between the parents and management is to highlight any improvement areas or any suggestions from the parents’ side. The call is made to ensure whether the student and parents are satisfied by the tutor.


Monthly feedback form 

A monthly feedback form is filled by both the parents and tutor. This form helps in improving Valeem’s services that in turn helps in improving the quality of education provided to the students. This provides positive criticism and will aid everyone in improving their focus and performance.


Valeem aims to provide the best services. We believe that parents play an important role in a child’s development therefore, it is necessary that they accompany their children in their academic journey as well. Tracking their progress is not necessary for satisfaction but for helping them excel as well.


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